Extensive feature on Pink Floyd’s The Wall concerts in PLOT

15 april 2009

plot_magazineOur German readers in particular should be on the look-out for the current issue of PLOT magazine. This dual language (German/English) publication takes a detailed look at “creative spaces” – concert staging, exhibitions, fashion shows and the like.

In this new edition (issue 2; click thumbnail to the left) our friend Mark Cunningham casts his eye (with the help of Mark Fisher and his behind the scenes pictures) over the 1980/81 staging of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, going through the detail of how such a breathtaking concert came to be, and the design considerations that went behind the construction of The Wall itself.

More details of the magazine can be found at www.plotmag.com; it is sold in selected outlets in Germany, across Europe, and in the US. It can be purchased online here.




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